Test Run of BlogRush

All of us need people to visit our blogs and read what we write. Especially, the up and coming blogs like mine. My friend Anmol Mehta referred me to the service from BlogRush.com (ref.) discussed in this article. This is a free service targeted at bringing in more traffic to the blogs that host the code that you get after signing up for their free service.

Here is how it works: The code you place on your blog, will display a widget with 5 articles from other blogs based on the category that you have chosen in your settings. If you get 100 visitors a day, then your articles will be shown 100 times on blogs that are similar to yours. If anyone signs up by clicking on the BlogRush logo or the “Add your blog posts – FREE” text on the widget (or through the referral link above), then your article will be shown 100 times plus the traffic that people, who signed up from your widget, get. This continues up to 10 generations of referrals.

I just signed up and added the code a few minutes ago. So, I will have to wait and see how much my blog traffic increases.

2 thoughts on “Test Run of BlogRush”

  1. TherapyDoc,

    Did you mean the breathing exercise page? You left the comment on a different page. I hope it helps them.

    DNA might become a catch-on, hah? 🙂

    More breathing techniques to come, so stay tuned.


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