What is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment Enlightenment is, a state of Being, nothing esoteric, our true nature, wherein you are free from constricting mental concepts that create attachments to thoughts that bind you to the objective world. To be liberated from the mentally created emotional attachments and live a life of unconditional love and oneness with everything, is enlightenment. […]

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Why Understanding Religious Symbology is the Key to Your Spiritual Progress

Thumbnail of Flower and Fruit Offering

Have you ever contemplated the deeper meaning of rituals and ritual offerings in your religious and spiritual traditions? Do you understand how the symbols in your external rituals relate to the inner depths of your spirit? If not, it is time for you to do so. This article, though centered around some of the Hindu Symbology, may provide you the needed impetus to delve into deeper meaning of the external rituals you perform in your own religious and spiritual traditions. […]

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A Higher Dimensional Perspective on Earth Changes

Earth from Space

All the information we have about earth changes is from a three dimensional physical (3D) perspective. In this article, I give a different perspective from a spiritual angle. Why do we think that we can save the planet? Can we really save the planet? Who is actually in peril? What can we do? Can the environmental movements work? […]

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Why Enlightenment?

Self-Mastery, Enlightenment, and Ascension

Why should you go for enlightenment? Should you even go for enlightenment? Enlightenment is only the first step in our evolution. It is not the evolution that scientists talk about—one species mutating into another. It is the evolution of human consciousness to become its source. It is part of our journey whether we want it or not. It is inevitable. Enlightenment is nothing esoteric as you are made to believe. It is only one of the steps in self-discovery. It follows a very scientific process. […]

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A Note of Thanks and Answers to Questions raised in "What India May Have for the Law of Attraction"

Thank You Note

I just received a surprise pingback from Akemi Gaines’ blog Gratitude Magic from the article, What India May Have for the Law of Attraction.

In that article, she discusses two of my articles, Self-Mastery and Enlightenment Demystified and Ways to Attract Abundance and Whatever You Want into Your Life, in some detail. I am very grateful to her for her discussion of my articles on her blog. I would like to reciprocate that link love here. While discussing my article, she asks the following question: […]

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A Surefire Recipe for Successful Manifestation of Your Wishes and Desires

Flame of Desire

This is another installment of articles written in the series Creation and Manifestation. In this article, I discuss what helps you to make your wishes and dreams come alive. You may be wondering why I am advocating manifestation of desires, as opposed to dropping all of them on your way to enlightenment which is the traditional view. That is a topic by itself to be covered in a separate article. For now, trust me that it is better to manifest your desires and experience the results to bring wisdom into your life to create an Expanded Sense of Self (ESS), than trying to drop them which may cause more inner conflict. […]

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Self-Mastery and Enlightenment Demystified

Have you ever wondered about all that mystery surrounding the words enlightenment and self-mastery? Wonder no more. Every spiritual practice, either implicitly or explicitly, follows a model of creation. This article discusses an alternative model and demystifies what Self-Mastery and Enlightenment are based on this model. It also reconciles this model with the existing models based on Chakras and Kundalini. […]

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