Blog Carnival Participation #5

My article, Self-Mastery and Enlightenment Demystified appeared in Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival- Edition #11 hosted by Anmol Mehta. He praises this article as,

The flagship article for Desika Nadadur’s Self-Mastery Blog. Once in a while there comes an article which can change your view of Reality and elevate your consciousness to a new level. This article is of that caliber.

Featured, in this carnival, are also other great articles by great bloggers like Albert Foong and Steve Pavlina. Go to the Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual Growth Carnival- Edition #11 and enjoy these articles as well.

If you have not been to Anmol Mehta‘s blog yet, you are missing out on great articles, techniques, and online courses, written by him, that will help you to unfold your inner greatness. I recommend you to go there immediately and immerse yourself in its content.