Blog Carnival Participation #2

My blog has been featured in Carnival of Healing 101: Changing, Doing, Being—Tools and Perspectives for Life Integration, hosted by Sharmila. She says,

Next in the Being category is I am My Own Master: Self Mastery for Independent Mind Seekers , by Desika Nadadur. His site which has great articles about self-mastery, and meeting and moving past the Buddha on the way to Enlightenment. He’s all about “the true wisdom lies within,” and when we do find other “master’s” (who have ashrams or maybe write popular spiritual books) and he reminds us not to compare, or despair if we don’t feel like we measure up. Because we are all the same anyway, some of us just remembered that we are a divine being. This was the first article that came up on his blog 9 Mistakes to Avoid On Your Way to Enlightenment. He offers other tips regarding fasting. Very informative.

Thanks Sharmila for featuring my blog on your carnival and for your positive comments.